Data Model

Click the following link to download the Excel file that provides detailed Data Model definitions regarding the Data Platform integration with ServiceNow.

Data Model definitions XLS file 

There are three tabs in the Excel file. For reference, each tab is described in the following table:

Excel Tab

Description of Tab

Import into ServiceNow

This tab lets you view a list tables used when importing data into ServiceNow.

Export from ServiceNow

This tab lists database views and export definitions used when exporting from ServiceNow.

Important:Changing the export definition filter is allowed if the user has access. However, keep in mind that troubleshooting by Flexera Support will be limited if the export definition is changed and whenever the Flexera Integration app is updated to a new version, ServiceNow may keep the settings or may set them back to the default definitions.

Note:Only ServiceNow software records are exported for Data Platform processing. Records imported from Data Platform (such as on-premise SCCM data) will not be exported.

Custom Tables

This file provides a list tables used when importing data into ServiceNow.