Repackaging an InstallScript MSI Setup to a Basic MSI Setup

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InstallScript MSI installations use a Windows Installer database for storage of all file/registry information, but the actual user interface, and much of the installation logic is driven by the InstallScript engine via a setup.exe file. This type of installation architecture can cause difficulties during deployment, such as:

inability to customize or transform the application
inability to perform conflict detection
inability to suppress the user interface
difficulty patching or upgrading the application

Also, if an InstallScript MSI installation is repackaged using traditional methods (OS Snapshot or Installation Monitoring), significant platform-specific or custom installation, maintenance, and uninstallation logic, and user interface information is lost because those methods only record the installation activities for the specific platform used during repackaging.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use InstallScript Scan to convert an InstallScript MSI installation to a Basic MSI package with InstallScript support. InstallScript Scan preserves the original components and much of the InstallScript installation logic, architecture, and maintainability of the original installation package.

Note:If you want to convert an InstallScript MSI package to a Basic MSI package that preserves the InstallScript installation logic, and you are using the Snapshot method, you must select Single Step rather than Multiple Steps. If you select Multiple Steps, the InstallScript installation logic will not be preserved.

To convert an InstallScript MSI Setup to a Basic MSI Setup with InstallScript support:

1. Launch the Repackaging Wizard from Repackager. The Welcome Panel opens.
2. Click Next. The Method Selection Panel opens.
3. Select a repackaging method: Installation Monitoring or Snapshot.
4. Click Next. If you selected Snapshot on the Method Selection Panel, the Snapshot Method Panel appears. (If you selected Installation Monitoring, skip to Step 6.)
5. Select Single Step and click Next. The Collect Product Information Panel opens.

Caution:Because you are converting an InstallScript MSI package to a Basic MSI package with InstallScript support, you must select the Single Step Snapshot method (or use the Installation Monitoring method). If you select Multiple Step Snapshot, the InstallScript installation logic will not be preserved.

6. On the Collect Product Information Panel, select the InstallScript MSI setup file and enter other product information.

Caution:While it is possible to click the Edit Setup List button and select additional setups, because you are converting an InstallScript MSI package, do not select additional setups.

7. Click Next. Repackager will automatically determine if this is an InstallScript-based setup. If it is an InstallScript-based setup, the InstallScript MSI Identified Panel opens, informing you that the Repackaging Wizard has identified this setup as being an InstallScript MSI setup and prompting you to use InstallScript Scan to convert this setup.
8. Select Yes and click Next. The InstallScript MSI Conversion Output Panel opens.
9. In the Project Path to store files field, specify the location where you want the Repackaging Wizard to store files created during InstallScript Scan Analysis and where it will save the converted MSI package.

Note:To specify capture types for the repackaging session, click the Edit button to access the Analysis Options dialog box.

10. Click Next. The Repackaging Panel appears, displaying the progress of the repackaging operation.
11. Following repackaging, the Summary Panel is displayed, providing confirmation that the repackaging was successful.
12. Click Finish to launch the Repackager to edit and build your project. See Working With Repackager Projects.

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