Setting Wrap Options

AdminStudio 2023 | 25.0 | Application Manager

On a new tab of the Application Manager Options dialog box, Wrap Options, you can select the required wrapped package, you can also specify the location of a template in the template directory and the output directory for the wrapped packages, and select the required option to wrap a package during import.

Figure 1:  Wrap Options Tab of Options Dialog Box

The Wrap Options tab includes the following properties:



Template Directory

Specify the location of the template that you want to use to create the script files. A default template, Deploy-Application.ps1, along with other necessary files are provided in the following location:

For PowerShell - C:\AdminStudio Shared\PowerShellTemplate\

For Exe Wrapper - C:\AdminStudio Shared\ExeTemplate\

Output Directory

Specify the location where the wrapped packages that you create using AdminStudio will be stored. By default, the location is:

For PowerShell/Exe - C:\\AdminStudio Shared\WrappedPackages\

You can click the browse button and select a different directory.

Wrap on Import

Select this option if you want to automatically convert Windows Installer packages (.msi) and complex installation packages (.exe) to PowerShell wrapped packages (PowerShell script .ps1 files) and Exe wrapped packages upon import into the Application Catalog. By default, this option is not selected.