Preparing a Snapshot for Repackaging

AdminStudio 2023 R2 SP1 | 26.01 | Automated Application Converter

To prepare a virtual machine snapshot for use by Automated Application Converter to perform automated repackaging, perform the following steps:

To prepare a snapshot for repackaging:

1. Launch the virtual machine and run the Virtual Machine Preparation setup, as described in Running the Virtual Machine Preparation Setup.
2. At the end of the Virtual Machine Preparation setup, you will be prompted to restart the virtual machine. Restart the virtual machine and verify that you are automatically logged in and that GuestAgent.exe is launched:

Note:The Guest Agent (GuestAgent.exe) is a tool that is launched on a virtual image that enables the Automated Application Converter to manipulate the virtual machine in ways that may be unsupported by its automation APIs. In particular, this enables launching and monitoring the AdminStudio Repackager in an automated fashion.

3. Shut down the virtual machine.
4. Take a snapshot, as described in Taking a Snapshot. If your virtualization technology supports named snapshots, name the snapshot AutoRepack_Base, which is the default name that the Automated Application Converter will be looking for when performing repackaging.

Note:If you assign a snapshot name other than AutoRepack_Base, after you add the virtual machine to the Automated Application Converter, you need to enter that snapshot name in the Snapshot Name field in the Properties window of the Machines tab for that virtual machine.

5. If the virtual machine containing this snapshot is not already added to Automated Application Converter, proceed with the steps in Adding Virtual Machines Using the Virtual Machine Import Wizard.
6. Open the Machines tab of Automated Application Converter and select the virtual machine that contains this snapshot.
7. In the Properties window under Machine Settings, enter the name of this snapshot in the Snapshot Name field. If no name is entered, the default value of AutoRepack_Base will be used.