Using Test Center to Perform Package Testing

AdminStudio 2016 | Application Manager

Edition • Application Manager is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Application Manager’s Test Center view is a unified testing, reporting, and issue management interface that simplifies and streamlines all phases of application compatibility testing. Using Test Center, you can execute a broad range of compatibility, validation and conflict tests; manage and remediate issues; and monitor overall status in a single location.

Information about using Test Center is organized into the following sections:

Using Test Center



Test Center Overview

Provides an overview of the tasks you can perform using Test Center, the benefits of using Test Center, the groups of tests that are available to run, and explains how functionality found in previous releases of AdminStudio is now performed using Test Center.

Configuring Testing

Explains how to select the tests to execute, and how to set resolution options.

Performing Compatibility, Best Practices, and Risk Assessment Testing

Describes how to perform testing for operating system compatibility, best practices, risk assessment, and application virtualization compatibility.

Performing Application Conflict Testing

Describes how to perform conflict testing between source packages and target packages/operating systems.

Performing Web Application Testing

Describes how to perform both static and dynamic (interactive) testing of web applications.

Integrating Test Center With Other Applications

Explains how to connect your Application Catalog with your Microsoft ACT database, enabling you to view ACT test results in Application Manager.

Viewing and Filtering Test Results

Describes how to view Test Center test results, and how to suppress errors/warnings generated by specific tests.

Resolving Issues

Describes how to perform automatic resolution of errors/warnings that Test Center detected. Also provides guidelines for performing manual resolution.

Viewing Test Summary Reports on Report Center Tab

Describes the reports that are available on the Report Center tab.

Test Center Reference

Describes the views, wizards, and dialog boxes used when performing package testing using Application Manager Test Center.