Viewing Bundled Packages of Complex Installer Executables

AdminStudio 2016 SP2 | Application Manager

You can import complex installer executable files that contain bundled Windows Installer packages into the Application Catalog. There are multiple installation executable types that can contain embedded Windows Installer packages, including the following:

InstallShield InstallScript .exe files
InstallShield Basic MSI installers that are compressed into a setup.exe file
InstallShield Suite Installer .exe files
Wise Package Studio .exe files
PowerShell wrapped package .ps1 files
Other executable file types that can be uncompressed by 7-ZIP

Note • See Enabling Support for InnoSetup Executables.

WiX Burn
Advanced Installer

Note • If AdminStudio is unable to identify the .exe type of an imported package, by default it is categorized as a legacy installer.

After these complex installer executables have been imported, you can view a list of the child .msi packages bundled within them on the Bundled Packages tab of the Catalog Deployment Type View.

Bundled Packages Tab of Catalog Deployment Type View

When inspecting these child .msi packages, Application Manager extracts the information about each package, such as product name and version number. This makes it much more likely that Application Manager will be able to assign a Flexera Identifier to these applications.

You can perform operating system compatibility, application virtualization compatibility, and best practices testing on these bundled packages, and the test results will be combined. For more information, see Viewing Combined Test Results of Bundled Packages.

Note • AdminStudio will only inspect complex installer (.exe or .ps1) files one level deep. If a complex installer file contains another complex installer file bundled within it, that child file will not be inspected.

Enabling Support for InnoSetup Executables

AdminStudio supports the latest version of InnoSetup: innounp.exe (version

In order for AdminStudio to extract child packages from InnoSetup executables, you need to perform the following steps.

To enable support for InnoSetup executables:

1. Download the InnoSetup Unpacker RAR file (innounp046.rar) from the following location: 

2. Uncompress the innounp046.rar file to obtain the innounp.exe file.
3. Copy the innounp.exe file to the following location on your AdminStudio machine:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AdminStudio\2016\Common\Tools