AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0 | AdminStudio PowerShell Cmdlets

Edition:Powershell cmdlets are enabled with AdminStudio Enterprise Edition and with Workflow Manager.

The Get-ASAppPortalCategories cmdlet returns an XML stream of existing categories in App Portal, such as:

<Categories Status="Synced">

  <Category Id="1" XPath="Software">


  <Category Id="3" XPath="Software/Microsoft">



  <Category Id="2" XPath="Hardware">



  <Category Id="13" XPath="Data">



  <Category Id="14" XPath="LM Desktop QA">

    <Name>LM Desktop QA</Name>



You can then use the Set-ASProperty cmdlet to set the App Portal category for an application, such as:

Set-ASProperty-PackageID 1-PropertyName "Categories"-PropertyValue "Software/Microsoft"

When the application is published to an App Portal-linked distribution system, an App Portal catalog item will be created and will appear in the specified category.


The following is an example of the Get-ASAppPortalCategories cmdlet:



The Get-ASAppPortalCategories cmdlet has no parameters.

Note:For more information on setting App Portal properties using PowerShell cmdlets, see App Portal Information Tab under Set-ASProperty. App Portal properties that can be set include: Categories, Template, Keywords, Long Description, and Brief Description.