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Edition:Powershell cmdlets are enabled with AdminStudio Enterprise Edition and with Workflow Manager.

Use the Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree cmdlet to query a deployment system, such as System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, for a list of all of its applications and groups. This list contains a unique application ID for each of the applications in the deployment system. Using these IDs, you can import applications into the Application Catalog using the Invoke-ASImportAppFromDeploymentSystem cmdlet.


Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree-SystemConnectionName SCCM2012


The output of the Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree cmdlet is a list of the applications with their application IDs in the specified deployment system, such as this list which was generated for a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager server:

<root name="Applications">

    <Group name="QA" id="16777226">

        <Application id="16785243" name="Evernote" ObjectType="Application"

            appId="Application_5d4c9ec2-9279-4fd1-ad0b-b2d2a36dd268" />

        <Application id="16785247" name="Basic-1" ObjectType="Application"

            appId="Application_16435057-dd35-41c0-822f-88055ee0bb01" />

        <Application id="16785271" name="Blender" ObjectType="Application"

            appId="Application_356c4eb2-b6a2-4f00-bcaa-dfb71991dde0" />

        <Application id="16785279" name="Create!tools_5_5" ObjectType="Application"

            appId="Application_a31b8a48-37e9-42ae-9959-012179e6bbce" />

        <Application id="16785308" name="AdobeFlash" ObjectType="Application"

            appId="Application_bf185866-33ec-4ddb-968a-3771e5ee7f5a" />




The Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree cmdlet has the following parameters:

Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree Parameters




Use to specify a named connection to a deployment system. See Creating Multiple Named Connections to Distribution Systems for more information.

Note:To import an application using the Application ID identified using the Get-ASDeploymentSystemPackageTree cmdlet, see Invoke-ASImportAppFromDeploymentSystem.

Return Values

XML output containing a list of all of a deployment system’s applications and groups is returned.