AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0 | AdminStudio PowerShell Cmdlets

Edition:Powershell cmdlets are enabled with AdminStudio Enterprise Edition and with Workflow Manager.

You can use the Remove-ASPackage cmdlet to delete a package using its PackageId.

Note:The Remove-ASPackage cmdlet removes the linked packages and applications as well as the targeted packages and applications for each respective operation.


The following is the syntax used to delete a package:

Remove-ASPackage-ID nn

For example:

Remove-ASPackage 45


The Remove-ASPackage cmdlet has the following parameters:

Remove-ASPackage Parameters




Specifies the package ID for the package which is being removed. (Required)


One of the following values is returned:

0—Success. The delete operation completed successfully.
1—Insufficient access rights. Permission to Delete is not available.
2—Object is locked. The group contains locked virtual packages. You will need to unlock the virtual packages in order to delete the group.
3—General failure. Operation did not complete successfully.
4—Protected group. The deletion of protected groups is prohibited.
5—Item not found. The requested item could not be deleted because it could not be found.