AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0 | AdminStudio PowerShell Cmdlets

Edition:Powershell cmdlets are enabled with AdminStudio Enterprise Edition and with Workflow Manager.

You can use the Resolve-ASPackage cmdlet to run application compatibility fixes on a package. This only picks up issues that are fixable. This will also return the path to fix transform that was produced, so the user can start a re-import.


The following is the syntax used to run application compatibility fixes on a package:

Resolve-ASPackage-PackageId nn-DetailedResults

For example:

Resolve-ASPackage-PackageId 45-DetailedResults


The Resolve-ASPackage cmdlet has the following parameters:

Resolve-ASPackage Parameters




Specifies the package ID for the package on which fixes need to be run. (Required)


Returns detailed results of the operation. If this parameter is not used, the Resolve-ASPackage cmdlet returns a summary of the operation.


Either a summary of results or detailed results are returned, depending upon whether the -DetailedResults parameter was used.