What's New in AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0

AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0

This section lists the new features that are included in AdminStudio 2020:

Package Automation
Support for Microsoft Intune
New PowerShell Cmdlets
InstallShield 2020

Note:Detailed information on the new features in AdminStudio 2020 is also available in the AdminStudio Release Notes on the Flexera product documentation site: https://docs.flexera.com 

Package Automation

In Application Manager, a new Automation tab has been added that enables you to automate the import, test, wrap, convert, and publish of the packages.

A new Automation tab has been added that includes buttons to import a list of CSV file into the Automation tab and then perform automated tasks on those files.

Figure 1:  Automation Tab

After packages have been imported from your external inventory system (such as ConfigMgr or Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite), they are listed on the Automation tab.

Imported Inventory Package File

After packages are imported, you can compare those listed to those already in the Application Catalog, and to the latest versions available in the AdminStudio Package Feed module. You can then specify which applications you want to perform automated tasks against, including importing, testing, wrapping, conversion, and publishing.

For detailed information on using the new Automation features, see:

Importing a List of Applications for Automation
Matching the Applications
Configuring Actions for Automation
Scheduling Automation
Specifying Notification Settings for Automation

Support for Microsoft Intune

AdminStudio 2020 now supports Microsoft Intune.

Import—You can import packages in Intunewin format into the Application Catalog.
Distribution—You can publish packages in MSI and MSIX format to an Microsoft Intune distribution system.
Conversion—You can also convert MSI/EXE package to Intunewin format using the Conversion Wizard.

For detailed information see:

Importing a Single Package File
Publishing to a Microsoft Intune Distribution System
Converting MSI/EXE Packages to Intune Format Using the Conversion Wizard

New PowerShell Cmdlets

In AdminStudio 2020, the following new PowerShell Cmdlets have been added to support automation.

New PowerShell Cmdlets

PowerShell Cmdlets



Supports automated package conversions using an XML file that contains input parameters.


Supports creating distribution connections using an XML file that contains input parameters.

Important:Starting with AdminStudio 2020, this PowerShell Cmdlets replaces New-ASDistributionConnection, which is now obsolete.


Returns details of applications in the Application Catalog.

InstallShield 2020

AdminStudio 2020 includes InstallShield 2020, which has the following new features and enhancements:

MSIX Modification Packages
Support for MSIX Core
Pure 64-bit Installers
Support for AWS CloudHSM Based Digital Signing
Ability to Suppress Build All Command-Line Output Except Errors
Improved Support for Windows Server 2019
Secure Implementation of Logon Information Dialog
Configure File Version for Setup.exe
New Setup Prerequisites

For more information on these new features, see the InstallShield 2020 Release Notes.