Using the Application Conversion Wizard to Perform Automated Package Conversion

AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0 | Automated Application Converter

Before you can perform conversion using the Application Conversion Wizard, you need to have already added virtual machines and packages to Automated Application Converter, as described in the following tasks:

Adding Virtual Machines Using the Virtual Machine Import Wizard
Adding Packages from an AdminStudio Application Catalog
Adding Packages from a Local Machine or Network

This section explains how to use the Application Conversion Wizard to perform a conversion run using selected packages and virtual machines that you have already added to Automated Application Converter:

Performing a Conversion Using the Application Conversion Wizard
Viewing Conversion Results

Note:You also have the option of adding virtual machines, adding packages, and performing conversion during the same wizard run by using the Application Conversion Project Wizard, as described in Using the Application Conversion Project Wizard to Perform an End-to-End Conversion.