Getting Started With the Automated Application Converter

AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0 | Automated Application Converter

The quickest way to get started using the Automated Application Converter is to use the end-to-end Application Conversion Project Wizard, which takes you through the three main steps in automated batch virtualization: selecting the packages to convert, selecting the virtual machines to use for repackaging, and converting the selected packages. See Using the Application Conversion Project Wizard to Perform an End-to-End Conversion for instructions.

You can also choose to perform each of these tasks separately by using one of the other three wizards that are provided:

Automated Application Converter Wizards

If you want to ...

Use this wizard ...

Description and Purpose

Add virtual machines

Virtual Machine Import Wizard

Add virtual machines to use to perform automated repackaging to Windows Installer packages. See Adding Virtual Machines Using the Virtual Machine Import Wizard.

Add packages

Package Import Wizard

Add packages from an AdminStudio Application Catalog or from a local or network file system. See Adding Packages from an AdminStudio Application Catalog and Adding Packages from a Local Machine or Network.

Virtualize or repackage packages

Application Conversion Wizard

Virtualize packages to the virtual formats you specify. You can also perform repackaging. See Using the Application Conversion Wizard to Perform Automated Package Conversion.