Product Activation for AdminStudio

AdminStudio 2020 | 19.0

Product activation confirms the authenticity of your AdminStudio software. This is done to protect you from the adverse effects of pirated software. The process also verifies that AdminStudio has not been activated on more machines than allowed by the AdminStudio End-User License Agreement (EULA).

Licensing Options
Overview of the Life Cycle of a Node-Locked License
Evaluating AdminStudio Before Activating It
Purchasing an AdminStudio License
Registering Your Activation Code
Activating Through the Internet
Activating Through a Web Page
Uninstalling and Reinstalling AdminStudio
Returning a License to Your Account on the Activation Server
Specifying the Location of the Concurrent License Server
Troubleshooting Activation Issues
Activation Errors
Activation FAQs