Managing Workspace ONE Package Deployment Data

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

Edition:Support for Workspace ONE integration is included in AdminStudio Enterprise Edition when you purchase Mobile.

Note:Because Workspace ONE server only supports Apple iOS, MSI and Google Android packages, the Workspace ONE Deployment Data subtab is only displayed when an iOS or MSI or Android package is selected.

Workspace ONE is a leading global Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider. Using AdminStudio, you can manage and publish Apple iOS (local and public store), MSI package and Google Android (local and public store) mobile apps to Workspace ONE. You can view and modify data for these packages by editing the properties on the Workspace ONE Deployment Data tab.

MST files (excluding SoftwareId.mst) are the only MSI supporting files that will be published to Workspace ONE. Other supporting files like MSPs will be skipped during publish.

Files dependent on MSI (other than MSTs) will not be published to Workspace ONE.

Example: cabinet files, configuration xml files, .dlls, .configs etc.

To specify a package’s Workspace ONE deployment settings:

1. Open Application Manager and select the Home tab of the ribbon.
2. Select an iOS or Android package in the tree. The Home Deployment Type View opens.
3. Click the Workspace ONE Deployment Data tab.

4. View and modify data, as described in Workspace ONE Deployment Data Tab.

Note:If you are using an Application Catalog that has been upgraded from a release prior to AdminStudio 2013, and the iOS application was imported prior to the upgrade, you will need to reimport the iOS application before you will be able to successfully publish it to Workspace ONE Server.

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