Viewing Application Testing and Analysis Reports on the Reports Tab

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

Edition:Application Manager’s Reports tab is included with AdminStudio Enterprise Edition.

On the Application Manager Reports tab, AdminStudio provides a wide array of reports containing Application Manager summary information on the applications in your Application Catalog, giving you insight into the readiness of those packages for distribution.

These reports include test results from operating system compatibility, MSIX Conversion Compatibility, browser compatibility, virtualization compatibility, remote application publishing compatibility, best practices testing, and application conflict testing. For Mac OS, iOS and Android apps, reports on feature use, risk assessment, device compatibility, and policy compatibility are available. Reports are also included on App-V packages in your Application Catalog, as well as ConfigMgr (Formerly called as System Center Configuration Manager) deployment information.

Because these reports are created using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, you can create your own custom reports by adding client report definition (.rdlc) files to the AdminStudio installation directory.

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