Viewing Additional Package Data

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

If you click on the plus sign to expand a package in the Application Catalog Home Deployment Type View, a node is listed for each available constituent view. For example, for a Windows Installer package when the Home tab is selected, the following nodes are listed:

Windows Installer Package Nodes / Home Tab

When you select one of these nodes, a constituent view opens in the right pane. The following types of package data can be viewed by selecting a package subnode in the Home Deployment Type View:

Viewing and Editing Package Extended Attributes
Viewing Package Dependencies
Viewing Package Files, Components, and Directories
Viewing Windows Installer Package INI File Changes
Viewing Registry Information
Viewing Package Shortcuts
Viewing Windows Installer Package Merge Modules
Viewing Package Catalog History
Viewing App-V Package History
Viewing Package Tables
Viewing App-V Package File Type Associations
Viewing App-V Package Environment Variables