AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01

Edition:Application Manager is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

You can use the Import Wizard to import multiple application deployment types either one at a time, all of the packages in a directory, or one or multiple packages directly from a deployment system. You can also import web applications, web deploy packages, and links to mobile apps in a public store.

Package Types Supported By the Import Wizard
Package Sources Supported by the Import Wizard
Download & Importing an Application Using The Package Feed Module
Importing a Single Package File
Importing Links to Public Store Applications
Importing a Folder of Multiple Applications
Importing From ConfigMgr (Formerly called as System Center Configuration Manager)
Importing Web Applications
Importing Merge Modules
Importing OS Snapshots
Using Duplicate Package Identifiers
Generating Software ID Tag Files During Package Import
Viewing Bundled Packages of Complex Installer Executables