Wrapping MSI/EXE Packages to Wise Script Wrapped EXEs

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

Edition:Application Manager is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

In AdminStudio, you can now wrap msi/exe packages to Wise script wrapped exes.

To wrap msi/exe packages to wise script wrapped exes:

By default, your default template location and a wrapped packages output directory which will help you wrap the packages.

On a new tab of the Application Catalog Options dialog box, Wrap Options, you can set an option automatically to wrap a package during import from the template, you can specify the location of the template directory and the output directory for PowerShell Wrapping and EXE Wrapping by selecting the option from the “Wrap Options” drop down menu.

Note:To use the EXE wrapping feature or WiseScript Package Editor in AdminStudio, which is upgraded from the previous versions, it needs to be re-activated to acquire the license for using WiseScript Package Editor.