Capturing an OS Snapshot

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | OS Snapshot Wizard

Edition:OS Snapshot Wizard is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.

You use the OS Snapshot Wizard to capture OS Snapshots.

To capture an OS Snapshot:

1. Launch the OS Snapshot Wizard by clicking on its icon in the AdminStudio Tools Gallery or by making a selection from the Start menu. The Welcome panel opens.
2. Click Next. The Project Information panel opens.
3. Provide the OS Snapshot project name and OS Snapshot project folder for the OS Snapshot file.
4. Optionally, click Edit to configure analysis options. See Configuring OS Snapshot Analysis Options.
5. Click Start to perform the OS Snapshot.
6. On completion of the OS Snapshot, review the results in the Summary panel.
7. Click Finish.

Note:The OS Snapshot is stored as an OSC file in the folder defined in the Project Information panel.

Capturing an OS Snapshot on a Clean Machine

If you would like to capture an OS snapshot on a clean machine, you can choose to either run the OS Snapshot Wizard remotely or to install it on a clean machine.

Installing OS Snapshot Wizard with Standalone Repackager—The OS Snapshot Wizard is installed along with Standalone Repackager. For instructions on how to install OS Snapshot Wizard along with Standalone Repackager on a clean machine, see Installing Repackager on a Clean Machine.
Launching OS Snapshot Wizard remotely—You can launch OS Snapshot Wizard remotely from the clean machine. For instructions, use the same method described in the Launching Repackager Remotely help topic.