Creating, Importing, and Managing PowerShell-Wrapped Packages

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

AdminStudio provides full support for PowerShell-wrapped packages, including converting Windows Installer packages (.msi) and complex installation packages (.exe) to PowerShell wrapped packages (PowerShell script .ps1 files) using the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit.

PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft. The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit provides a set of functions to perform common application deployment tasks and to interact with the user during a deployment. By wrapping an existing Windows Installer or complex installation package in a PowerShell script, you are able to automatically perform deployment tasks both before and after installation.

AdminStudio also supports importing existing PowerShell-wrapped packages into the Application Catalog, testing a PowerShell-wrapped package’s bundled child packages using Analyze, testing PowerShell-wrapped packages on a virtual machine, and distributing PowerShell wrapped packages using Distribution Wizard. You can also convert a PowerShell-wrapped package to a virtual package using the Conversion Wizard.

Information about AdminStudio’s support for PowerShell-wrapped packages is organized in the following topics:

Setting Wrap Options
PowerShell Script Template Files
Customizing the PowerShell Installer
Wrapping a Windows Installer (.msi) or Installer Executable (.exe)
Importing PowerShell Wrapped Packages
Viewing a Power Shell Wrapped Package's Bundled Child Applications
Testing PowerShell Wrapped Packages
PowerShell Wrapped Packages Report
Distributing PowerShell Wrapped Packages
Virtualizing PowerShell Wrapped Packages
Testing PowerShell Wrapped Packages on a Virtual Machine
Editing a PowerShell-Wrapped Package
AdminStudio PowerShell Cmdlet Support for Performing PowerShell Wrapping: Invoke‑ASPowerShellWrap
Updating PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit