Using Test on Virtual Machine Wizard

AdminStudio 2020 R2 SP1 | 20.01 | Application Manager

You can use the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard to quickly launch a specified virtual machine and install a selected Windows Installer (.msi) package, PowerShell-wrapped (.ps1) package, App-V package (.appv), or installation executable (.exe) package (both legacy installers and complex installation executables) for testing. This wizard uses the capability of the Automated Application Converter tool to spin up the selected virtual machine and install the selected package.

Note:Both legacy installers and complex installer executables (which contain bundled Windows Installer packages) can be tested using the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard.

To use the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard to test a package, perform the following steps.

To use the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard to test a package:

1. In the Application Manager tree, click the deployment type node of a Windows Installer package (.msi), App-V package (.appv), PowerShell-wrapped package (.ps1), or installer executable package (.exe) and select Test on Virtual Machine from the shortcut menu.

Note:The Test on Virtual Machine selection on the shortcut menu is available on both the Home and the Analyze tabs of Application Manager.

The Automated Application Converter Test Settings panel opens, listing the virtual machines defined in the Automated Application Converter settings file that is selected on the Plugin Options > Automated Application Converter Plugin tab of the Options dialog box:

2. From the Virtual Machine Name list, select the name of the virtual machine that you want to use for testing and click Next. The Summary panel opens.

3. Click Next to launch the package on the specified virtual machine for testing. The Performing the Test Process panel opens, listing progress messages.

When the package has been installed and launched on the virtual machine, the Remote Desktop button will become enabled.

4. Click Remote Desktop to connect to the virtual machine and perform testing. You may be prompted for login credentials to the virtual machine image. A Remote Desktop session opens displaying the virtual image where this package has been installed.

5. Use the installed shortcuts to launch the package and perform the desired testing.
6. When you have finished testing the package, click OK to close the Remote Desktop session and shut down the virtual machine.
7. Return to the Test on Virtual Machine Wizard and click Finish to close the wizard.

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