Editing a PowerShell-Wrapped Package

AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Application Manager

You can edit the PowerShell-wrapped package script (.ps1 file) using the Windows PowerShell ISE application. If you selected the Edit script on wrapping option on the PowerShell Wrapping Options panel of the Wrap Package Wizard, the script file opens in the Windows PowerShell ISE application immediately after you close the wizard.

You can also edit the .ps1 file by right-clicking on the PowerShell-wrapped package node in the Application Catalog tree, and then clicking Edit Package on the menu.

Figure 1:  Editing a PowerShell-Wrapped Package

You can also launch the PowerShell editor by clicking the Edit with PowerShell Editor button in the ribbon.

Figure 2:  Edit with PowerShell Editor Button

Windows PowerShell ISE application opens, where you can edit the PowerShell script file.

Figure 3:  Editing a PowerShell Script File in Windows PowerShell ISE