Repackaging Wizard Reference

AdminStudio 2021 R2 SP1 | 22.01 | Repackager

This section describes each of the dialog boxes and Wizard panels that you might encounter when using the Repackaging Wizard. The help topics in the Repackager Reference are the same detailed documentation that is displayed when you press the F1 key or click the Help button while working in a dialog box.

Reference information is organized as follows:

Organization of Repackager Reference Section



Repackaging Wizard

This section provides a panel-by-panel description of the Repackaging Wizard.

Additional Repackaging Wizard Dialog Boxes

This section describes the dialog boxes that can be accessed from the Repackaging Wizard.

Repackaging Wizard Command-Line Options

This section lists the command-line options that are supported by the Repackaging Wizard.

Reboot Handling in the Repackaging Wizard

This section describes how the Snapshot Method and Installation Monitoring Method handle required reboots during repackaging.