Purpose of Repackaging Applications

AdminStudio 2022 SP1 | 23.01 | Repackager

Installations created for the Windows Installer service dramatically differ from traditional installations, making reusing legacy installations impossible without using a repackaging tool. Repackager assists you by capturing the data placed on your system during installation and converting it into a Windows Installer (.msi) package, which you can then customize and distribute according to your organization’s needs.

Repackaging an installation into a Windows Installer package provides the following benefits:

Can customize it using InstallShield Editor or Tuner—You can further configure or customize the Windows Installer package to meet your specific needs by editing the .msi file in InstallShield Editor or by creating transforms in InstallShield Editor or Tuner.
Can perform conflict analysis and resolution—You can use Application Catalog to check the Windows Installer package for conflicts that may exist between it and other known Windows Installer packages in an Application Catalog database, ensuring the proper installation and functioning of your installations.
Can implement application repair and feature advertising—Finally, once converted to a Windows Installer package, the installation can take advantage of Windows Installer functionality such as application repair and feature advertisement.