Installing Repackager on a Clean Machine

AdminStudio 2022 SP1 | 23.01 | Repackager

It is essential that you repackage applications on a “clean" system to ensure you capture all changes made by the installation. A clean system typically consists of a computer with only the operating system and necessary service packs installed on it. It is the baseline system that the computer requires to run.

While you want to avoid installing applications on the clean machine, if the clean machine does not have network connectivity to an installation of Repackager (which is required in order to run Repackager remotely), you have to install Repackager locally on a clean machine by running the Repackager installation.

To install a standalone version of Repackager on a clean machine, perform the following steps.

Note:You cannot install Repackager on a machine that already has a copy of Repackager installed.

To install Repackager on a clean machine:

1. Build a “clean machine”—a computer with only the operating system and necessary service packs installed on it.
2. Download StandaloneRepackager.exe from the Flexera Product and License Center using the same credentials you used when you downloaded the full installer.
3. Copy StandaloneRepackager.exe to the clean machine.
4. Launch the setup. The Welcome Panel opens.
5. Click Next. The License Agreement panel opens.
6. Select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option and click Next. The Customer Information panel opens.
7. Enter a User Name and Organization name to identify this installation of Repackager.
8. Enter the Activation Code you received for the edition of AdminStudio that you purchased.
9. Click Next. The Destination Folder panel opens.
10. If you want to install Repackager in the specified directory, click Next. If you want to select a different directory, click Change, select a new directory, and then click Next. The AdminStudio Shared Location panel opens.

The AdminStudio Shared directory contains shared information for repackaging and conflict identification, and other AdminStudio functions. With regard to Repackager, the AdminStudio Shared directory contains the following:

Repackager isrepackager.ini exclusion list
11. Specify the location of your organization’s AdminStudio Shared directory, and click Next. The Ready to Install panel opens.
12. Click Install to begin the installation process. The Installing Repackager panel opens. When installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard Completed panel opens.
13. Click Finish to exit the Wizard. A Repackager shortcut will be added to the Windows Start menu under AdminStudio, AdminStudio Tools.