Getting Started with App Broker REST API

App Broker 2020 R1

To begin using the App Broker REST API endpoints, perform the following steps.

To get starting using the App Broker REST API endpoints

1. Install App Portal / App Broker, as described in the App Portal / App Broker Installation Guide.
2. Launch App Portal / App Broker by opening the following URL:


You will be prompted to upload your license file.

Important:The API will not be accessible until this step has been completed. The license file has encrypted information indicating whether you have access to the API endpoints. Any other license file (that does not have encrypted information relative to API access) will not grant access to the API endpoints. Unauthorized users attempting to use the API will receive either a 401 unauthorized or 500 internal server error response from the API.

3. Next, you need to grant a user agent privilege to access the REST API. To do this, open the Site Management > Admin Security view on the App Portal / App Broker Admin tab.
4. Open the Rest API tab.
5. Click Add User / Group. The Admin Security Add User/Group dialog box dialog box opens.

6. Use the search fields to locate the user that you want to add.

Note:Select a user, not a group; groups are not recognized during the authentication process.

7. Under Assign rights, select Read/Write/Delete from the REST API list.
8. Click Assign Rights to add the user or group. This user will now have access to the REST API. This user’s information should be used as network credentials in HTTP requests to the App Broker API.