Requests API Endpoints

App Broker 2020 R1

After orders have been placed, given a request ID, the client can submit a cancel or uninstall. The request data model includes a node called availableActions, which indicates the available actions (cancel or uninstall) to take on a request. This information is available when looking up a request (http://localhost/esd/api/orders/101).

Requests API Endpoints


API Endpoint

Submitting a cancel request

To submit a cancel request, the package request must be:

"availableActions": ["cancel"]

Submitting an uninstall request

To submit an uninstall request, the package request must be:

"availableActions": ["uninstall"]

Changing a request

The API endpoint to change a request will require a HTTP POST method.

Canceling a request

To cancel a request with ID 28:

[POST] http://localhost/esd/api/requests/28/cancel

Uninstalling a package

To uninstall a package associated to request with ID 28:

[POST] http://localhost/esd/api/requests/28/uninstall