ServiceNow Computer Provisioning Endpoints

App Broker 2020 R1

App Portal’s integration with ServiceNow enables you to use ServiceNow as your front end app store, while App Portal performs the behind-the-scenes fulfillment of OS deployment and application migration software requests, as described in Using the Employee App Provision Request Wizard to Request Task Sequence Catalog Items.

This integration addresses the new hire/job change use case: the computer provisioning tasks which have to be performed when an employee joins a company or when the role of the employee changes. A service catalog request can be submitted from ServiceNow using the Employee App Provision Request Wizard and the entire workflow will be taken care of by App Portal, including creating and importing a new machine, and installing all of the software applications that the employee needs.

The following API endpoints are used to perform this ServiceNow integration regarding computer provisioning:

Getting Additional Applications for OSD Checkout
Getting Applications Associated to User and Machine Based on Conditional Roles
Importing New Computer in System Center Configuration Manager and Associating a User
Returning All Available System Center Configuration Manager Sites
Getting Task Sequence Catalog Items
Getting Status of Task Sequence / OSD Requests
Getting Installed OS Information for a Machine
Getting the Deployment Technology Details for a Machine
Getting the Settings Related to Task Sequences
Getting the Applications That Can Be Migrated
Getting the Roles Applicable to a User
Getting the Machines Associated to a User
Submitting a Task Sequence / OSD Request
Getting Additional Apps for Employee App Provisioning