Visibility Tab

App Portal 2020 R1

Visibility controls whether a catalog item is visible for a user based on conditions. For each condition you can choose Include or Exclude. If a user matches an include condition, the item is visible. If the user matches an exclude condition, the item is not visible.

Exclude conditions are evaluated first. If a user matches an exclude condition, no further processing occurs and the item is not visible. If there are both exclude and include conditions specified, the user must not match exclude conditions and must match include conditions for the item to be visible.

Important:The creation of a condition based upon Active Directory device groups is not supported.

By default, all catalog items are visible when the Is Enabled Global option is specified. Use the Visibility tab of the Catalog Item Properties dialog box to further customize the visibility of items.

The Visibility tab includes two subtabs:

Global Subtab
Alternate Message Subtab