Approving or Rejecting a Request

App Broker 2021 R1

This section describes the App Broker REST API endpoint for an approver to approve or reject a request. Optionally, the approver post additional information in the request body.

Get a List of an Approver’s Pending Requests

Endpoint Example

Response Body Example (Output)

URI Example

[POST] http://localhost/esd/api/requests/27/approve?dn=appportal&un=jsmith

[POST] http://localhost/esd/api/requests/27/reject?dn=appportal&un=jsmith


Request Body Examples

Providing an explanation for the rejection:

   {"reason":"my reason"} 

Providing an explanation and recommending a rejection:

   {"reason":"my reason","recommendReject:true} 

Permitting approver to override approval: