Getting a Package Request for a Specific User

App Broker 2021 R1

This section describes the App Broker REST API endpoint for getting a package request for a specific user (given the order scenario in Getting a Specific Order).

Get Package Request for Specific User

Endpoint Example

Response Body Examples

[GET] http://localhost/esd/api/users/domain=FLEX/



   "dateTime": "2015-06-15T19:19:21.49",

   "guid": "26095792-436c-4d5f-8c38-e224e52c9549",

   "machineName": "win-7x64",

   "orderNo": 1,

   "requestID": 1,

   "uniqueUserName": "FLEX\\JohnDoe",

   "catalogID": 6,

   "authorizationStatus": "pendingApproval",

   "deploymentStatus": "notApplicable",

   "deployments": [


         "technology": "sccm2012",

         "status": "notApplicable",

         "code": "0"



   "status": "active",

   "availableActions": ["cancel"]



Important:The above example includes the property deploymentStatus in the API response. This property may soon be obsolete. The property deployments[].status should be referenced instead.