Connecting to the Flexera Service Gateway

App Portal 2021 R1

If you have also purchased FlexNet Manager Suite, you can use App Portal to manage application licenses.

App Portal communicates with FlexNet Manager Suite, as well as AdminStudio and Workflow Manager, via the Flexera Service Gateway component. To connect App Portal to the Flexera Service Gateway, perform the following steps.

To connect to the Flexera Service Gateway:

1. Select Site Management > Settings > Flexera Integration. The Flexera Integration view opens.
2. In the Flexera Service Gateway Server Name field, enter the name of your Flexera Service Gateway server.
3. Click Save.

Note:To integrate with FlexNet Manager Suite, you may also have to enter appropriate credentials, as described in Entering FlexNet Manager Suite Settings.

Note:For more information on using the FlexNet Manager Suite to manage application licenses, see Setting FlexNet Manager Suite Licensing Options.

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