MobileIron Tab

You can connect App Portal to a MobileIron server and create catalog items for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile applications. This gives you license compliance, deployment automation, and control.

You specify MobileIron settings on the MobileIron tab of the Site Management > Settings > Deployment view.

You specify MobileIron settings on the Deployment > MobileIron subtab of the Settings view, which is opened by selecting Settings under Site Management on the Admin tab.

Note:For more information, see Entering MobileIron Settings.

The MobileIron tab includes the following properties:

Settings > Deployment View / MobileIron Tab



MobileIron URL

Enter the URL to your MobileIron server.

User Name

Enter the User Name to your MobileIron server.


Enter the Password to your MobileIron server.


Click to test the connection settings.

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