Managing Catalog Permissions

When configuring App Portal, you will need to specify which users and groups can view and modify the App Portal catalog. This secures the App Portal site catalogs to the listed groups and users.

You configure catalog security on the Catalog Security view, which is opened by selecting Catalog Security under Site Management on the Admin tab.

Catalog Security View

On each of the tabs of the Catalog Security View, you can view and edit the security settings for existing users and groups for that particular role.

However, you assign initial permissions to a user or group for all roles on the pop-up dialog box that opens when you click Add User/Group on the Catalog Security View.

Catalog Security Add User/Group Dialog Box

Note:Permissions are the “most restrictive model”. For example, if a user is in two groups where one is granted View permission and the other granted Modify permission, the permissions will be View; they are not cumulative.

For additional managing catalog permissions, see the following:

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