Retaining Previous CSS Customizations After Upgrade

If, in a previous release of App Portal, you have modified any of your App Portal web site’s CSS files to customize the colors, fonts, or layout of the App Portal interface, those customizations will be lost upon upgrade, and you will need to take some action to retain those customizations in the upgraded site.

When you are using the App Portal Upgrader, an alert will be displayed if you have customized the CSS styles in any of the following files:

Custom CSS Files in Previous Releases of App Portal

CSS File

Location in the App Portal 2015 Installation Directory







The following alert is displayed:

After upgrade, older custom themes/css files will become obsolete. Do you want to continue?

If you encounter this alert, click Yes to continue the upgrade, and then perform one of the following tasks to retain your user interface customizations in the upgraded site:

Customize Using the App Portal Interface
Customize by Editing LESS Files

Customize Using the App Portal Interface

To customize the background, hover, icon, heading, and hyperlink colors used throughout the site (including the navigation bar), then open the Corporate Branding tab of the Site Management > Settings > Web Site view and specify your desired colors, as described in Customizing the App Portal User Interface Colors at: 

Customize by Editing LESS Files

If you want to make modifications other than those listed above, you need to edit the CSS classes in the custom LESS files listed in the following table.

Custom LESS Files


Installed Location


\App Portal\Web\Content


\App Portal\Web\App_Themes\Flexera

When editing these files, you can you can use the styles in your previously customized corresponding *.css file (listed in Custom CSS Files in Previous Releases of App Portal) for reference.