Configuring SmartUninstall in Your System Center Configuration Manager Environment

If you want to deploy the Smart Uninstaller client tool (AppPortal.SmartUinstall.exe) with distributed Windows Installer packages to enable automatic license reclamation (even if an uninstallation program was not defined in the deployment technology for that application), select the Smart Uninstaller is deployed for License Reclamation? option under My Apps Options on the Site Management > Settings > Flexera Integration page.

Note:This is a valid option for Windows Installer packages (.msi) only. With respect to FlexNet Manager Suite integration, this option works with both FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises and with Flexera One IT Asset Management.

In addition to selecting this option, you also need to configure SmartUninstall in your System Center Configuration Manager environment.

To configure SmartUninstall in your Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager environment:

1. Locate the AppPortal.SmartUninstall.exe file in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Utilities

2. Open System Center Configuration Manager and add the AppPortal.SmartUinstall.exe file as a package.
3. To that package, add a program with the following command-line.

AppPortal.SmartUninstall.exe http://<AppPortalServer>/ESD/WS/Integration.asmx

4. Add scheduling options for the package as needed.
5. In your production environment, deploy this package to all machines and execute this EXE in the required intervals.

Note:You can try to manually run this EXE, as an administrator, on a client machine to see how it works. It logs whatever is done on the client machine under %TEMP%AppPortal.SmartUninstall.log.

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