Viewing Status, Info, and Actions Icons on the My Requests Tab

The data displayed in the Requests list on the My Requests tab will depend on the state of the request. The major states of a request include Pending Approval and Pending Delivery.

Icons are displayed in the Status, Info, and Actions columns of the Requests list to specify information about the request:

Icons Displayed in the Status, Info, and Action Columns





Pending Approval

When an approval is required before this request can be processed, The Pending Approval icon is displayed. Clicking on the icon displays the current approval process, whom has approved the request, and whom is pending approval.


When the request has been approved, the Pending Approval icon switches to the Approved icon.

Pending Deployment

Indicates that this application has not yet begun to install. Clicking on this icon shows the most recent status from your deployment system.

In Progress

Indicates that the processing of this request is in progress.


Indicates that this catalog item has been scheduled for deployment.




Indicates an advertisement rerun.

Waiting for install status messages

Indicates that the application has not begun to install.

Install Complete

The Install Complete icon indicates that the application has successfully been installed on the target end user’s machine.

Install Failed

If the software request fails, then an error icon is displayed.

Machine policy succeeded

Indicates that App Portal was able to successfully trigger an SCCM policy refresh to force the client to update its SCCM client policy. This, in turn, helps in faster software deployment.

Request has been completed

Request has been completed.


Processing Time

If you hover over this icon, the time that has elapsed since the installation of this application was begun is listed.

Alarm Warning

Hover over this icon to display the amount of time that this action has been processing.


When installation of this application is complete, the Processing time icon switches to this icon to indicate that processing has been completed and the application has been installed.

Request has Associated Questions

Indicates that this request has an associated question template.

Add a Note

Click to add a note to this request.

License unavailable

This catalog item requires a license and no license is available.


Indicates that this catalog item will be leased as of a specified date. If the lease is close to expiring, the Lease Warning icon is displayed. When the lease has expired, the Lease Expired icon is displayed.



Click to cancel this request.


Click to uninstall this application, which is already installed on your machine.


Indicates that the catalog item has an option for reinstallation. Click on this icon to initiate the reinstallation of this application.

This icon is only displayed when the Enable Reinstallation / Rerun? option is selected on the Deployment > Global tab of the Catalog Item Properties dialog box for that catalog item.




Indicates that this catalog item has an option for repair. Click on this icon to initiate an application repair.


Click to rate this installed application (by selecting 1 to 5 stars, in half star increments) and provide any additional comments. This rating will be visible for other users to see as they browse the catalog.

Note:A rating star icon is only listed in the Action column for applications which have been installed on the logged in user’s computer.

Note:This option is enabled if administrators have selected the Allow users to rate request option on the Site Management > Settings > Web Site > Catalog Behavior tab.