License Devices for Data Collection

Important:The product name for this user guide has changed from Foundation and Cloudscape to Business Service Discovery and Migration Planning.

Now it is time to license devices in your network to start data collection. You may or may not want to license everything. For instance, you may want to license Windows Servers only or, devices in a certain ip range. You can do this by filtering the list of devices in the licensing page. Generally, it is recommended that all devices whose device type contains "server" should be licensed. These are devices that we are collecting both performance and dependency data on as we have OS level access.

To license devices for data collection:

1. Log in to and select your assessment.
2. Click the Collect Data dropdown >> click Licensing.
3. On the Core Licensing tab, filter to the devices you would like to license (you can apply filters by clicking the down arrow in a column header and enter a filter value).
4. Depending on your subscription you may need to select the Start 30 Day Burst button to make your licensing available (this activates a clock which makes the burst licensing available for 30 days)
5. To license check the License box.
6. Devices will start collecting as soon as they are checked. Uncheck the device to remove it from collecting.