Sign In to the RN150

Important:The product name for this user guide has changed from Foundation and Cloudscape to Business Service Discovery and Migration Planning.

After powering on the RN150, you can sign in and accept the RISC Networks End User License Agreement. In the top right corner of the page is the IP address of the appliance, which can then be accessed using a web browser. We recommend accessing the RN150 through your web browser as copy/paste may not be available through the hypervisor console. Open your browser of choice and go to the IP address. Once the site has loaded, you can close the hypervisor console.

Complete the following instructions to sign in.

To sign in to the RN150:

1. Enter your username (Email address).
2. Enter your password.
3. Go to the box on the right to read the eula. Scroll to the bottom.
4. Elect whether or not to use professional services.
5. Accept the End User License Agreement.
6. Click Login.