Corporate Software Inspector Cloud Edition

Release Notes

March 2016-May 2017


Flexera’s Corporate Software Inspector is a Vulnerability and Patch Management Software Solution that completes and targets the Patch Management process. It combines Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Scanning, and Patch Creation with Patch Deployment Tool Integration to enable targeted, reliable, and cost-efficient Patch Management.

Vulnerability and Patch Management are critical components of any security infrastructure because it enables proactive detection and remediation of vulnerabilities before they are actively exploited and your security compromised. With Corporate Software Inspector, IT Operations and Security Teams are empowered to take control of the Vulnerability Threat from both Microsoft and non-Microsoft (third-party) product vulnerabilities, covering Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Corporate Software Inspector scanning technology takes a different approach than other vulnerability scanning solutions by conducting non-intrusive scans to accurately identify all installed products and plugins on the system.

Corporate Software Inspector integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® WSUS and System Center Configuration Manager.

Release History

The following table summarizes the Corporate Software Inspector Cloud Edition Release History from March 2016 through May 2017.

Release Date


Release Number

Release Details


CSI 2016 R6

Resolved Issues:

CSIL-6361: User-entered site name / group name during installation of a single host agent is now seen in the Scanning Via Local Agents console.
CSIL-8070: Editing an existing published patching package no longer adds a random path on the third step of creating a Software Package System (SPS).
CSIL-8142: Users can now create custom patching packages for Adobe products with multiple language options.
CSIL-8144: Can now advance to step 3 of the package configuration wizard
CSIL-8149: Adobe Shockwave update now shows up on hosts that need it
CSIL-8156: MAC agent site parameter -g now works


CSI 2016 R4 Cloud / On-Premises HotFix

Resolved Issues:

CSIL-8069: CSI plugin is able to connect, during collection import plugin (comsurogate) consumes 100% of memory and makes system freeze/crash


CSI 2016 R4 (


CSIL-7998: Windows components rated Insecure after applying updates
CSIL-8009: SA73206 - Red Hat Kernel version is no longer rated Insecure by CSI agent (RHEL agent)
CSIL-8053: Added hash_key to columns for database console export of csi_device_software_binding & csi_device_software

Resolved Issues:

CSIL-7988: Resolved multiple Personal Software Inspector integration issues with Corporate Software Inspector
CSIL-7989: AD integration now works for Partitions.
CSIL-8032: Decrypt vuln_title in the table csi_device_software in the on-premise version
CSIL-8042: Linux machines with security issues marked as patched
CSIL-8045: Instant access now works for partitions that need live updates, and there are zero-day advisories listed in the last hour of the vulntrak.vuln table
CSIL-8074: Upgraded the Personal Software Inspector version to install with Corporate Software Inspector


CSI 2016 R3 (

Resolved Issues:

CSIL-8038: VA PHP Error parsing /etc/csi/config.common.ini
CSIL-8036: PDF Reports are now generated on the RPMs
CSIL-8035: Database backup issue was resolved when upgrading from 7.4.1.x to on RH7 w/ MySQL 5.7
CSIL-8023: RHEL agents now install/remove service via command line switches
CSIL-8021: MAC agent check-in shows Windows platform
CSIL-8016: Implemented a separate process for Corporate Software Inspector Cloud releases
CSIL-8015: Multi-language packs are now functioning for Firefox
CSIL-8014: [JN Data] CSI 7 on RHEL 7 does accept foreign characters in OU names, CSI Agent fails Scan
CSIL-7991: SCCM collections are now visible after 1606 upgrade
CSIL-7986: Mac OS X is no longer reported as Windows
CSIL-7985: When exporting “Installations” from a Windows product, missing KBs are now included in export
CSIL-7983: CSI root admin profile; how do I mark the checkbox "Allow User to see Completed Scans and Agents"
CSIL-7982: Escalated: MAC agent issue
CSIL-7264: Daemon installation shows password in error Msg
CSIL-7130: CSI root admin profile; how do I mark the checkbox "Allow User to see Completed Scans and Agents"?
CSC-164: Daemon installation shows password in output file


CSI 2016 R2 SP1 HotFix (

Resolved Issues:

Support for SCCM 1606
Unencrypted Vulnerability titles in csi_device_software exports
Agent installation fix (upgrade works again)


CSI 2016 R2 SP1 (7.4)


CSC-299: "Activate collect network information" was updated in the User Guide
CSC-277: Documented in the User Guide that the Daemon service needs to disconnect from SC-CM DB before SC-CM upgrade
CSI-7870: The Zombie files setting is now a global setting and is only changeable by the partition admin
Checkbox for SCCM Collection Name to Sitename is now available in the Cloud
CSI-7859 CSI no longer finds files in the recycle bin

Resolved Issues:

CSC-345: Initial CSV report configuration creates PDF report and saves the settings as a PDF
CSC-324: Can now advance to step 3 of the package configuration wizard
CSC-246: Long running SCCM import now works
CSC-216: Zombie Files are now being omitted after selecting to hide them
CSC-215: Microsoft Updates are no longer showing up after deselecting it in the settings
CSC-107: CSI Activity Log only shows activity of the user logged in.
CSI-7149: Binaries now clean up old installations (Daemon, Agent, Browser Plugin, SC-Plugin
CSC-326: Browser Plugin installs into C:\ when installed with /S
CSI-7847: Same site name when importing multiple collections


CSI 2016 R2 ( Hotfix

Resolved Issues:

New Daemon binary with fix for SCCM Connection sharing
CSI-7818: Package error "SHA1 checksum for ... does not exist" has been resolved
CSI-7808: Cab file Monitoring no longer generates too many log messages
CSI-7838: SC Collection as Site Name now works
CSI-7839: SC Collection as Site Name checkbox now saving in the SCCM Plugin. The checkbox value now resets after doing an SCCM import.
CSI-6747: LIMIT 1 replication warnings are now generated when an agent checks in
CSI-7835: Grouped SPS packages are now targeting the correct max versions
CSI-7848: Corrected the copyright notice on login page (“2015” -> “2015 - 2016”)


CSC-109: Smart Group Notifications overview, Smart Group Monitored is displaying Notification name.
CSC-147: Count information is now in Host Smartgroups.
CSC-71: Export page always exports all products/hosts for Smart Groups.
CSC-296: Dashboard elements now show Smart Group names in report.
CSC-311: When creating a Smart Group which displays System Score < 100% machines with 100% were displayed (rounding issue).
CSC-187: CSI Reports, email recipients now appear if you change the page to select multiple recipients.
CSC-310: Now able to export Dashboard view.


CSI 2016 R2 (7.3)


Group SPS packages by solution in CSI and SCCM

Resolved Issues:

Changes to the View settings in the SPS packages page are now persistent.
CSI-7155 (CSC-156): SCCM inventory import now picks up the OS version.
CSI-7139 (CSC-138): Changing Language files in STEP2 (SPS wizard) no longer generates an error in regards to SHA1 checksum.
The SPS system is now capable of distinguishing between already published 82x and 64x packages (only for packages created with the Corporate Software Inspector 2016 R2 or later).


CSI 2016 (7.2) Hotfix

The CSI can now export very large data sets into CSV files. PDF exports have also been improved, but very large PDFs still cause problems.
The performance of SCCM Imports has been improved significantly. In some cases imports will take less than 50% of the time they took before the improvements.
Fixed the too-frequent session timeout for the Corporate Software Inspector Internet Explorer Plug-In and SCCM Plug-In.


CSI 2016 (7.2) Hotfix

CSC-146: A fix for where advisories being wrongly displayed for patched products.
CSC-148: A fix for where no new custom scan rules could be created.
DEVOPS-1940: A fix which should solve an issue where some customers could not recompile their smart groups.
We increased the session timeout from one hour to two hours.


CSI 2016 ( Hotfix

Fixed the Browser Plug-In to import SCCM collections from SCCM 2007
Fixed the Daemon to import SCCM collections from SCCM 2007


CSI 2016 (7.2) Hotfix

CSC-108: Corrected numbering for the insecure count in the SPS view
CSC-125: Packages created with versions < CSI 2016 (7.2) are now marked as already created
CSC-112: Sorting in Smart Groups now works on all columns


CSI 2016 (7.2) Hosted


Flexera rebranding


SONY Reporting
Warnings in SPS
Microsoft external signing
SCCM Collection import

Resolved Issues:

Numbers in dashboard

System Requirements

To use the Corporate Software Inspector console, your system should meet the following requirements:

Minimum resolution: 1024x768
Internet Explorer 11 or higher (Scan results can also be viewed from other browsers)
Internet connection capable of connecting to
The addresses,, http://* and https://* should be white-listed in the Firewall/Proxy configuration
First-Party cookie settings at least to Prompt (in Internet Explorer)
Allow session cookies
A PDF reader

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