Create a New Partition Administrator

Click Create New Partition Administrator and fill in the form, providing all the necessary details about the Partition Administrator and include the number of host and user licenses to assign.

An email will be sent to the User containing a welcome message and the Software Vulnerability Manager login credentials.

Right-click an existing account to view, edit or delete the partition.

Partition Administrators can choose Smart Groups to copy to another account using the Create/Edit User form.

Note:Sub-Accounts are not allowed to modify their copy of a Smart Group.

The Partition Administrator can also unshare a copy of a Smart Group.

If the Sub-Account already has a Smart Group of the same name and type, the Partition Administrator cannot share their copy with them.

If the Partition Administrator modifies the Smart Group, all shared copies are also modified.

If the Partition Administrator deletes the Smart Group, all shared copies are also deleted.