Creating a Patch with the Flexera Software Package System (SPS)

The Flexera Software Package System (SPS) page displays a list of products that you can create updates for.

Click Configure View to customize the list and limit the types of products shown, as well as highlight products for which packages have or have not been created.

If highlighted, products for which SPS packages exist will be shown in green.

A product will be displayed in blue if the vendor provides unattended/silent installation parameters for its patches. Any product listed in blue is available to have an update created in a simple 3 step process.

Some products are presented in gray because the vendor of the product does not provide silent installation parameters. If you choose to patch one these products, you must provide (import) the .MSI/.MSP/.EXE file together with the parameters for the unattended installation. Software Vulnerability Manager will then repackage and publish the update through the standard workflow. Packages cannot be automatically created by Software Vulnerability Manager for these products.

If you wish to create a new custom package that does not necessarily patch an existing product, for example to deploy new software, you can click New Custom Package. In this case you should provide the files/installer that will be executed on the target client together with the execution flow script.

With Software Vulnerability Manager you are able to create three different kinds of packages. Right-click a product and select one of the available options:

Create an Update Package
Create an Uninstall Package
Create a Custom Package

For the Update and Uninstall packages a default execution flow script is provided in the SPS Package Creation Wizard (Step 2 of 4: Package Contents), which will fulfill most of the common needs.

The execution flow script for an Update package can also be customized for additional functionality. You can also configure your patching package SPS Installer Parameters using dynamic check box options (where applicable) based on product functionality, including:

Remove End User License Agreement
Disable Automatic Updates
Silent Install
Update to lowest secure version
No reboot necessary
Cumulative updates in one package
Set Security Level
Remove system tray icon
Restrict Java Applications
Uninstall Prior to Installing
Prevent Installation of Certain Components
Prevent Collection of Anonymous Usage Statistics
Remove Desktop Shortcut