Database Console

Use this page to access Flexera’s SQL database. You can access the content of each table by selecting the table name in the Tables pane. Expand the table name to view the objects and data types within that table.

To create an SQL query, right-click a table and select Show Data to automatically create a SELECT * FROM table query from the specific table. You can also right-click a table and select Schedule Query to create Scheduled Exports for the table and save the output to a CSV file.

The Details and Results panes display the status of the query.

Summary of the SQL Data in the Database Console Tables

The following table lists the SQL Data in the Database Console Tables:

SQL Data



List of hosts with mac address & ip address


List of hosts affected by CVE


List hosts with End of Life software


List hosts with insecure operating system and operating system version


List hosts with insecure software and software version