Filter Host Smart Groups on missing Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles

One option for filtering Host Smart Group information is by Microsoft KB articles to create a report of hosts that are missing one or several specific KB articles. This filtering can be used for new or existing Host Smart Groups.

To create a new Host Smart Group for missing Microsoft KB articles:

1. Navigate to Host Smart Groups > Create & Edit.
2. In the Criteria field, select the Missing KB Article and the appropriate in or Not in option.
3. In the KB Article Selection, search for the available KB articles.
4. Place a check mark in front of the appropriate KB article to include in the Host Smart Group and click Save.

Important:The following conditions affect the availability of selecting and listing missing Microsoft KB’s.

1. The selection of a particular KB in the Available KB Articles field is based on whether the PC’s in the partition currently have a list of missing KB’s.
2. When a new KB is released, it will appear using the in criteria filter after the scan is completed. To include future KB’s, use the Not in filter and choose the oldest Available KB Articles list.
3. Only machines with missing KB’s will be listed in the new host smart group. If a machine does not have any missing KB’s, then the KB will not be listed in either the in or Not in filter.

To create a report of missing Microsoft KB articles:

1. Navigate to the Completed Scans view.
2. Click Export to save the report as a CSV file.