Host and User Licenses

The Partition 0 Administrator is assigned user licenses from Flexera. When the Administrator creates a new partition, licenses are allocated to the Partition Administrator of that partition. Those licenses are effectively no longer relevant to Partition 0 – and no one in Partition 0 can use them. The Partition 0 Administrator can reclaim unused licenses from another Partition by right-clicking an existing account and editing it.

The Host and User licenses in a given partition belong to a shared pool. Any user who scans hosts will use host licenses from this pool. When a user is created, an Administrator can limit how many active licenses they can claim – note, this is only an upper bound of the licenses they can use, and should not be confused with them being “assigned” licenses.

User licenses are used per account. For example, when the Partition 0 Administrator is assigned 100 licenses from Flexera, they use one for their account, so there are 99 left in the pool. The Partition 0 Administrator only assigns them when creating a new Partition. For example, the Partition 0 Administrator creates a user for Partition 1 (that takes 1 license), and gives the Partition 1 Administrator 50 user licenses. The Partition 0 Administrator now has 48 left, and the Partition 1 Administrator has 50, meaning, at most 50 additional users could be created in Partition 1.

When an Administrator in a given partition creates a user, they use 1 user license from the pool in that partition. When that user is deleted, their user license is re-added to the pool.