Intune Publishing

Software Vulnerability Manager (Cloud Edition) can now publish SPS/ VPM patches to Microsoft Intune.

This new capability requires a new version of patch daemon, released as a part of SVM Toolkit.

Note:Patch Daemon will be deprecated in the future; therefore, you are encouraged to migrate to the new SVM Patch Publisher tool. To download, click here.

To publish patches to Intune, it will be necessary to configure valid Intune credentials and token. For more details, see Set up a Distribution Connection for Microsoft Intune.

For Intune publishing, you can now choose a group or multiple groups and make assignments for end point deployments in the SVM Patch Configuration. For more details. see Assignment Groups.

Once this is setup, you can use either Patch Automation or Patch Publisher or Create Update Package wizard (ActiveX) to publish SPS/ VPM patches to Intune.

Note:Patch daemon convert the patch to intunewin format before publishing.

Note:The Patch Daemon may be installed on any workstation or server. There are two prerequisites:

For Windows 10 RSAT must be installed which can be obtained here 
For Windows 8.1 RSAT must be installed which can be obtained here 
Minimum version of .Net 4.7.2 must be installed.