When Flexera creates the Software Vulnerability Manager base user, this user is the Partition Administrator of “Partition 0”. The Partition 0 Administrator is the unique global administrator for the company, irrespective of how many partitions are created.

The Partition 0 Administrator can create further network partitions by creating new Partition Administrators. Only the Partition 0 Administrator can create new partitions.

Every partition has identical functionality – the only difference is that an entire partition (N>0) can be deleted by the Partition 0 Administrator.

Note:Just as creating a partition is done by creating a new Partition Administrator, deleting an entire partition is done by deleting the Partition Administrator.

Within a partition, there is only one Partition Administrator. All additional accounts are regular users, however, these users all have specific roles. One of the roles a user can have is Administrator.

The main difference between users who have the Administrator role and those who don’t is that Administrators can create and delete other users within their partition. They can delete any non-administration users, but not other Administrator users.

The Partition 0 Administrator can access the Partition Management and User Management menus.

All other Partition Administrators can only access the User Management menu.