This is a new and quick way for non-IE browsers to publish patches from SVM to an end-point management system with no dependency on ActiveX. QuickPatch publishes patches to end-point management system via Patch Daemon using defaults (no customizations).

To do so, right click on any SPS template or VPM patch and select Publish with QuickPatch from the context menu. The Publish with QuickPatch dialog box appears.

Select Publish with QuickPatch from the Context Menu

Click Select connection drop down and select the required connections from the list.

Note:You can select multiple connections to publish. This is available only in SVM new web interface.

Select required Package Configuration and then click Publish.

Click Publish

Note:If you have installed the Patch Publisher, then you can select the Patch Publisher Connections for the Quick Patch publish.

Click Ok and agree the confirmation dialog which appears.

The selected patch will be published to Patch Daemon.

Once the patch published, status in the Patch Deployment status will appear as Success.

If the same version of patch is published, then an error popup will be shown that Already sent to Patch Daemon.

Note:Patches are published based on the versions.

Error popup appears