Software Vulnerability Manager uses role-based account management. Each Software Vulnerability Manager user is created and assigned a set of roles and limitations as appropriate. These roles determine which parts of Software Vulnerability Manager the user has access to and limits what the user can view and scan.

Every user of Software Vulnerability Manager can receive notifications such as reports, email and SMS.

The roles are as follows:

 Scanning—Allows the user to scan hosts and view the Scanning menu of Software Vulnerability Manager.
Filter Scan Results – Allows the user to access and configure Allow list and Block list filtering and Custom Scan Results.
Patching—Allows the user to access the Patching module.
Results—Allows the user to view scan results via, for example, Smart Groups.
Reporting—Allows the user to access various reporting options and the Database Console and Database Cleanup menus.
Database Access—Allows the user to access the Database Console and schedule exports. There are no options to restrict the user’s network access if this option is selected.
Read Only—Prohibits the user from making any changes that write data to the Flexera Software Cloud. Read Only users do not have Scanning or Patching capabilities.
Restricted—Users are read only users with limited functionality. A Restricted user is unable to view the default set of Smart Groups and are restricted to:
Viewing only the Custom Smart Groups that have been created for them,
Viewing the Reports that have been created for them.
Changing their password.

Only the Root Administrator can access the Active Directory and Password Policy Configuration. Administrative users have additional capabilities that allow:

Configuring Software Vulnerability Manager
Creating users and assigning their roles and restrictions
Assigning License limits

None of the access limitations apply to an administrative user and they can view all Hosts and Results.